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And thank goodness I finally did because the most beautiful part of the trail was coming up. This: Grindstone Creek sadly my photos do not capture how beautiful it was to walk alongside this creek in this valley.

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The majority of the trail was forested. The last stretch to Mount Nemo was roadway — never pleasant but it does make up time. And then, there before us was Mount Nemo. I kept hearing about how hard it was climbing Mount Nemo so I anticipated that it was going to be really tough. Fair enough, it did come with a warning see top photo but by then we had a our legs and our pace and just kept going. And that made great way to end Day 2!

A 2,160-Mile Expedition for Charity on the Appalachian Trail

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April 18, The starting point for today was the Sydenham Look Out. We would be walking east and north on the trail back to Mount Nemo Conversation Area.

I survived!

There we are bright eyed and ready to tackle the trail ahead. It was promising to be a great day.

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  • One of the best hikes in the world.

An organized end-to-end has someone called a Sweep. This person is meant to make sure that there are no lost hikers, that everyone has made it to the check points, etc. On the two previous end-to-ends we did, we never saw the Sweep.

But this day would be different. We stopped at our usual one hour marker to have a snack and as often happens, the slower hikers behind us pass us, which is fine because we seem to always catch up with them and leap frog pass them at some point.

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Efficiently fueled with half a banana and GU pack, I got a kick of energy and picked up my pace. I got a bit ahead of my sister, which happens every once in a while. Great outdoors. Escape the city for the weekend or for a day trip. Live Chat Live Chat. Skip to Main Content.

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