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A maniac employed at his bible camp has other intentions. The Woman in Black by Susan Hill Night Things by Michael Talbot Fans of Mark Z.

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Grady Hendrix is building a brand: gimmicky on the outside, surprisingly scary on the inside. Abby and Gretchen are best friends for life on the eve of the first Bush presidency…until Gretchen gets lost in the woods and comes back different. Ring by Koji Suzuki The Damnation Game by Clive Barker The Damnation Game proved that Books of Blood wunderkind Clive Barker could sustain his brand of fear beyond the duration of a short story.

In this depraved galleria of a novel, with graphic depictions of incest and cannibalism, an in-over-his-head bodyguard attempts to interfere a Faustian pact to save the relatively innocent daughter of a wealthy degenerate.

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After the first few years of his career, Barker more often delved into dark fantasy than straight-up horror. Audition by Ryu Murakami Piercing and In the Miso Soup are similarly disturbing tales from this master of Japanese thrillers. Bird Box by Josh Malerman With your eyes closed and your imagination unfettered, you can envision creatures whose monstrosity knows no bounds. Detroit-based author Josh Malerman manifests an apocalypse of the obscured in Bird Box , in which undiscovered entities start appearing around the world and just one glance of their grotesquery drives people to suicide.

Burnt Offerings by Robert Marasco The Rolfe family rent a vacation home at the far end of Long Island to get away from their Queens apartment for the summer months.

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John Dies at the End by David Wong A rollercoaster of weird, sprung from a hallucinogenic and possibly demonic drug known as soy sauce and written in bracing, punchy style shooting swift sentences, often sliced to seven words or less, and stung with spicy diction detailing psychedelic imagery and delivered with sustained breathlessness. Something of a punk-rock-ified, video-game-esque tear and tumble into the Weird Tales tradition, Wong a.

His untamable, unstable temper isn't the only barrier to their happy marriage. There's also Felix's mother, who makes no secret of her hatred for Laura, and many other enemies, seen and unseen, who are fighting to stop Felix's effort to preserve the unsullied beauty of his Florida coastline.

When one of Felix's chief rivals is murdered, with just him and Laura present at the scene, Felix is accused of the crime. Only Laura believes in her husband's innocence, but to secure his freedom, she has to prove who committed the crime--and why.

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In Stock. There are important, though not always consistent, connections between Gothic literature and Gothic architecture.

Gothic stories

Gothic structures, with their abundant carvings, crevices, and shadows, can conjure an aura of mystery and darkness and often served as appropriate settings in Gothic literature for the mood conjured up there. Gothic writers tended to cultivate those emotional effects in their works, and some of the authors even dabbled in architecture. Horace Walpole also designed a whimsical, castle-like Gothic residence called Strawberry Hill.

Today, Gothic literature has been replaced by ghost and horror stories, detective fiction, suspense and thriller novels, and other contemporary forms that emphasize mystery, shock, and sensation.

While each of these types is at least loosely indebted to Gothic fiction, the Gothic genre was also appropriated and reworked by novelists and poets who, on the whole, cannot be strictly classified as Gothic writers. In the novel "Northanger Abbey," Jane Austen affectionately showcased the misconceptions and immaturities that could be produced by misreading Gothic literature.

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