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Voiced by: Jess Harnell. King Roland II.

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Voiced by: Travis Willingham. Queen Miranda. Queen Miranda Cordova. Voiced by: Sara Ramirez. Miranda: That was really Voiced by: Tim Gunn. Baileywick : How wonderful. You'll have to teach Cedric some when you're done. Baileywick: Excuse me, kind sir — might we inquire about engaging your vessel for a brief, yet utterly vital excursion? Fisherman: Hm?! James: We need to borrow your boat.

Amber: It's an emergency. Fisherman: Why didn't you just say so? Go ahead! Baileywick: We are most gratified by your sincere generosity. Fisherman: Wha — what? James: He said "thanks. Don't mention it. Aunt Tilly. Duchess Matilda "Tilly". Voiced by : Bonnie Hunt.

Sofia the First Season 4 Episode 7 The Royal Dragon Part 08

Queen Lorelei. King Roland II's first wife. She passed away shortly after Amber and James were born. Death by Childbirth : She died giving birth to Amber and James. She and Roland wanted children, but she wasn't able to, leading to him making a wish for it. It worked Generation Xerox : She's the spitting image of her daughter, Amber. Ironic Name : In German folklore, Lorelei threw herself off a seaside cliff in despair that her lover had cheated on her. Instead of dying, she was turned into a siren that lured men off of the cliff with her song.

Missing Mom : She passed away after giving birth to the twins. The Reveal : What happened to her is not revealed until the Series Finale. Shout-Out : The shot of her lying on her deathbed while Roland grieves over her is a reference to the iconic scene from Snow White where the Prince finds Snow White in eternal sleep in her glass coffin.

Birk Balthazar. Queen Miranda's first husband. Having worked as a sailor, he was lost at sea. Alliterative Name : B irk B althazar. Disappeared Dad : He died shortly before the beginning of the show. The Ghost : What he looked like is not shown. In his only mention, Sofia and Miranda are seen looking at a ship-in-a-bottle. Balthazar wasn't a king, but Miranda's second husband, Roland, is. Meaningful Name : King Balthazar visited Jesus when he was born.

Birk is the father of The Hero , Sofia. Never Found the Body : He's simply said to have been "lost at sea". Given that the magical nature of the Ever Realm, it's possible he's still alive, but the show's intent is that he has passed away. Never Say "Die" : He's not said to have died, just "lost at sea", but it's clear that the intent is that he died. The Reveal : What happened to him is not revealed until the Series Finale.

Shout-Out : Being lost at sea and possibly dying is a common and well-known trope in Disney animated films, including The Little Mermaid Eric nearly drowning , Tarzan Tarzan's parents survived a shipwreck , Frozen Anna and Elsa's parents died in a storm , and Moana Tui's friend drowned. Voiced by: Wayne Brady. Robin, Mia, and Whatnaught. Voiced by: Jim Cummings. Someone: Mommy! Sofia: Did you hear that? Minimus: All the time. Mostly from me. Voiced by: Ellie Kemper. Crackle : You really hurt Clover's feelings.

And when you hurt Clover's feelings, you hurt my feelings! Voiced by: Keith Ferguson. Voiced by: Mick Wingert. Voiced by: Rose Abdoo. Voiced by: Andrew Rannells. Voiced by: Jeff Bennett. Ruby and Jade. Princess Hildegard and Princess Clio. Princess Vivian.

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Voiced by: Sabrina Carpenter. Prince Desmond. Voiced by: Kiernan Shipka. The Amulet of Avalor. Ambiguous Situation : The show implies that the Amulet summons princesses by transporting them from whatever they're doing at the moment, with Sofia being suddenly summoned to help Charlotte, Ivy being transported from her island, Olaf saying that he was hanging out with Anna when he got summoned, and Tiana saying that Mama Odie told her that she would be summoned by Sofia. And I Must Scream : Elena was trapped in the amulet for forty-one years when Shuriki attempted to kill her with a magic spell, and that's after she witnessed her parents get assassinated by said spell, and she had to live the next few decades uncertain of her remaining family members' fate along with Avalor's fate.

Combine that with the fact that people have been trying to take the amulet for themselves for their own nefarious purposes or to just destroy it. The only way to be freed from the amulet is with a huge amount of magical power. Elena's family wizard, Alacazar, never figures out how to free her, but fortunately for them, his grandson Mateo figures it out before any more time can pass.

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  • Mateo's solution is getting a hold of Shuriki's wand and using it with a combination of ancient Maruvian magic — two powerful things that not even Alacazar could rival. In the Series Finale , Sofia and Prisma are trapped inside the Amulet, and would have been for a long time had Cedric not come up with his magic spell that involved everyone contributing their magic. Presumably, Pocahontas never appeared due to the controversial reception of her movie's depiction of Native Americans, Moana due to her film being too recent, while Elsa is a queen now, and Anna was teased Craig Gerber confirmed that Anna and Elsa did not appear in the show to avoid contradicting with the then-upcoming Frozen II.

    Empathic Weapon : Not so much a weapon, but it is responsive to its wearer's emotions and actions. Initially seems to mainly be because of Elena according to Alacazar, but the amulet seems sentient without her anyway. Everything's Better with Princesses : The Amulet can summon any princess from all time, no matter if they exist in the Ever Realm or not , technically aren't princesses , or are from the future to give advice to its holder.

    The Amulet seemingly loses this power after Elena is freed, but Sofia may simply need it less now that she is older. Sofia's summoning power has "leveled-up" to allow her to help princesses, especially previous amulet-bearers. Subverted with the evil Princess Ivy, who was exiled to an island until the Amulet accidentally summoned her and brought her back to the mainland.

    When Sofia realizes that she has the love of her family, friends, and the princesses, along with everything she's learned throughout the series, she summons a light from her heart — in the same area where her amulet would be, and defeats Vor with that light. Late-Arrival Spoiler : When Amber tries to use the amulet for bad, it summons a bad princess, that princess being Princess Ivy. With the release of Elena of Avalor , it is now considered common knowledge now that Elena was trapped in the amulet for decades until Sofia frees her in Elena and the Secret of Avalor.

    MacGuffin : Numerous villains want to use its power for their own evil purposes. Due to its nature, it isn't so quick to giving itself up to them. Power at a Price : While the amulet grants its users magical powers, it also curses them if they do any bad deeds, only lifting it until they correct what they've done. These curses depend on the Amulet's "master" and their connection to their bearer. Elena cursed Sofia, but the current spirit of the Amulet does not.

    The Amulet's potential for great power also makes it a magnet for the dark forces, adding an extra string by making its bearer have to be protective of it, and also be vulnerable to danger. Sealed Good in a Can : Elena, until Sofia frees her. Secret Test of Character : All of Sofia's powers and curses from the amulet were to test her to see if she was the princess who could free Elena. According to Alacazar, this is Elena's doing. Size Shifter : The Amulet has granted its users the power to shrink to the size of a sprite. It grants Sofia this power after she helps some Wee Sprites.

    Voluntary Shapeshifting : The Amulet has granted its users the power to turn into a mermaid, and into any animal and fey she sees. Walking Spoiler : Elena is in the amulet. Sir Jaxon. Voiced by: Blair Underwood. Voiced by: Rachael MacFarlane. Princess Ivy. Voiced by: Anna Camp. Voiced by: Christian Borle. Prince Hugo. Prince Axel. King Garrick. Princess Zooey. Voiced by: Fiona Bishop.

    Prince Roderick. Voiced by: Cary Elwes. Sir Oliver. Voiced by: Kevin Michael Richardson. Vaughan and Vance. Voiced by: Sage Ryan. Prince Derek. Voiced by: Connor Wise. Miss Nettle. Voiced by : Megan Mullally seasons , Anna Vocino season 4. The Amazing Boswell. Voiced by: Liam O'Brien. Glacia the Ice Witch. The Hexley Hall Pranksters.

    Moral Myopia : Despite their own cruel pranks their final one being to cover Royal Prep in bubbles so it floats away , they waste no time protesting after the Royal Prep students turn the tables on them. Wendell Fidget. Voiced by: Ilan Galkoff. Baron Von Rocha. Grimtrix the Good. Voiced by: Billy West. Cordelia the Conjuror. Voiced by: Megan Hilty. The Wee Sprites.

    The Sea Mantacorn. Voiced by: Jonathan Adams. The Gargoyles. Voiced by: Jessica DiCicco. Carol of the Arrow. Voiced by: Vivica A. Voiced by: Liliana Mumy. Voiced by: Alyson Hannigan. Princess Lei-Lani. Voiced by: Abigail Mavity. Our princess will paint a pretty design with glitter. Many games are played with the children, 7 different games are included in the party. Your children will have a fantastic time playing with their favorite princess. We wrap up the party with singing happy birthday together with everyone, a farewell speech and giving a present possibly by you the parent or an autographed present from our princess.

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    Princess Tiana.

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    The Fire Princess (Fire Seal Book Two)

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