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How to translate "to change" in German -- ändern - verändern, what's the difference?

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God remains God yeah and they hate it. Gott bleibt Gott yeah und sie hassen es. On your knees people.

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Pledge allegiance to the evil. Everything changed yet nothing's changed. Bold is change, everything looking strange, yeah. Engineers got millennials living in fear. Ingenieure haben Millennials, die in Angst leben. Give a damn, evil can't stand yeah. When the people take a stand. Wenn die Leute Position einnehmen. I'm the straw that broke the camel's back. The gun in the car jack. Die Pistole beim Autoklau. The night stick that keeps cracking down. The resistance never backing down. Der Widerstand wird niemals aufgeben.

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German police in row over far right after officer blocked TV crew at Pegida rally

A special challenge are the changes introduced by the first European railway packages for liberalizing the market. What needs to change so that we can implement sustainability practices in a better way? Only shortly before his death he wrote a synopsis about the significance and usefulness of statistical education in Germany, in which he proposed a change to examination procedures.

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