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This is wonderful. Now if only we could find a fun and innovative way to stress the importance of reading comprehension, so that the poor souls who have been upset by this blog post will have some hope of someday getting this joke. Or any joke for that matter. For the negative complainers, the CDC really got their bang for the buck on this twist.

It is the same basic disaster preparedness information that the CDC has been making available to the public, but with some tongue in cheek humor added to make it a little more enjoyable and get the public attention. In trying to get people to read the information available, this zombie twist hit the jackpot. In all seriousness, the preparedness information contained is valid useful information.

Read it. Understand it. Use it. You will not be sorry. The emergency preparedness kits should also be useful during the next Rapture scheduled for this October and the cataclysm associated with the end of the Mayan calendar in December C does act fast to something so critical and crazy as something like this i would survive to the fullest. Sanitation is an important factor to keep in mind since public water supplies might not be operational during an extended power outage.

Thousands are suffering and this really does not humor me. You may also want to stop asking people for their psychiatric problem in the Oils spill also. I wrote to Joe Biden and your head of the CDC sent a tepid response to me that there is no danger in the spill and no danger in the dispersants. I think you might want to have a chat with the people because we are slammed with blood levels of people with hexane, benzine, mercury, 2 and 3 Methylpentane above the 95 Quintile, Issocatane and now Cesium 99 this is nothing to be ignored.

People are very ill all over the coast of the Gulf and this is not National News. I guess these workers and humans are delusional like Morgellons patients. This is a horrific lack of oversight and compassion on the part of the CDC and yes while the world is awash in Environmental Armegeddon you put out an article that you think is cute. Bicycles would be essential for getting around fossil fuels would definitely run out in an Apocalypse situation.

Motorcycle jump suits would provide decent armor as they can stay intact after an accident it would be hard for teeth or nails to get through. Brick walls would make a decent defense. Definitely invest in solar panels for electricity main power grids would probably go down.

This is an old article. I read it a couple months ago. I have seen this apocalypse coming. They will be here soon. Is it ? I do not know at all. I agree with Dylan. This was a well thought out way to get people prepared for natural disasters. I know many people walk around care free thinking nothing can happen and everything will be provided by the government, well we seen how that worked out after a few hurricanes.

Having worked in law enforcement for over 16 years I can tell you most people are not prepared for even a small disaster and rely on the police and fire to take care of everything. Each citizen should take a little self responsibility and put a kit together with all the items listed by the CDC and Ready.

That way if a family should have to shelter in place until help arrives they can be prepared and sustain some safety and health and not tax the system should help be slow to get there. Zombies are a good example to get everyone prepared for a disaster, it makes the idea of being prepared fun and get your entire family involved. Thanks CDC for a wonderful way to get people ready for any emergency. But it surely got their attention and likely may save their life one day for making them read something they probably never would have.

Thanks for reading and for your blog comment. As we have mentioned previously this blog incurred no additional costs to the government. We used existing staff and resources and feel that it has completed our mission of informing the public about important public health preparedness messages.

What a fun, creative way to teach kids and Adults about emergency response kits! My boys now have taken interest in our 72 hr kit, where it is, and what is in it. Government money well spent! Most important is to teach them how to survive without you and the importance of proper mindset. If you are the Alpha male of your house hold, then most likely you have shielded them, provided for them, and protected them their whole lives.

Its time to teach them to protect and provide for themselves. You are going to have a horrible job of holding society together and preventing anarchy, the least that you can do for yourself is make sure you KNOW that your family is going to be OK, so you can focus on your job and your responsibilities to the greater good. You people that commet on things such as this with negative comments are just pathetic. Amusing angle that worked as intended! Did our tax dollars go to this tripe? This all comes from the organization that for years has been at the forefront of taking our 2d amendment rights from us.

Zombie defense can only be accomplished through application of accurately directed objects via kinetic energy as a function of the ejection of lead from a metal tube caused by a gaseous explosion. I agree with the saferooms, preferably having air vents, plants, heavy doors and no windows. However, there needs to be a service that allows areas to coordinate saferooms so that there is always a saferoom within a hour walking distance of another saferoom. Also, large, strategic bridges should be destroyed and ferries be offered in place so that zombies would be better isolated to land masses.

Wow, posts! This blog article must have been read by thousands of people after it went viral. Kudos to the genius who dreamed this up! As someone who has been preparing prepping for a long time and has CERT training I think this is great! Its a wonderful way of getting kids and adults to think about how to protect life and property. They have helped me be ready for all eventualities. Thanks Jack! And thanks to my Dad who raised me with a survival mindset. Ive been reading a lot about this subject lately and i learned a little more from reading this, thanks for the post.

I never made that mistake again, and have quite the emergency preparedness kit, though it does lack a few things mentioned in the article thx, CDC! Put it this way — no one ever died from too much good information! Keep up the fabulous work, CDC!! Therefore, they are often caught unawares when a disaster natural or worse, man-made strikes. We take so much for granted. What if law and order completely collapsed? What if those societal buttresses were suddenly maybe permanently? So thank you, CDC, you did a marvelous job of shocking the conscience of quite a few people, myself included.

Keep up the fabulous work. You forgot to include an axe. Not for zombies. For hacking through the attic to get up to the roof. I must say Resident Evil was one of my best. It has a better plot than most and it more futuristic. Great website. We are sitting here in the store and wonder what in the hell was wrong with these slobber, sloth like fellow. He gave us this site address and told us to read up on the zombie possibility and what to do if they are here.

The zombie are here and are now populating the planet. If that happens i plan on staying in my summer house with all my supplies. I hope the president is aware of this situation and is forming a committee to look into a possible vaccine to prevent this from happening. But just incase I got my kit already made. And if this were to happen, most government officials would treat this as someone causing a violent riot for odds reasons or even for terrorism before openly accepting that zombies are attacking. I love this article and mean no offense but this is how I would see us reacting.

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In a zombie apocalypse, a widespread rise of zombies hostile to human life engages in a general assault on civilization. In short great post…really amazing…Thank you so much for sharing this amazing info…. Then again, that goes without saying when talking about such idiots. How much money did this page actually cost to produce? How much is that? Cause mass panic? Cause an increase in violence and lawlessness?

No, none of the above. But if the public are reading it, then that was the point: getting people to think about disaster preparation. At the price it cost, it was a bargain. I have always been a woman who is not scared of anything.. I will cower in the corner while they eat me alive terrified.. Im terrified where if i see you have been bit.. Sorry but your gonna have to be dealt with, no need to sit and ponder it. I have always had a fear of a zombie Apocalypse..

Religiously and Scientifically it is possible.. I remembered hearing, when there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth. Not to mention the end of the world apparently coming October 28, Basically I am saying I am trying to find others in my area who are preparing and who are willing to voyage out together to look for an infection free zone. Which I feel from movies they have hinted us that Alaska might be one of those virus free areas… Anyone who lives in south florida or is willing to make their way down here to help if the event ever should happen please feel free to email me at doordie hotmail.

I just checked this out after the earthquake and hurricane. I love this blog entry. Thanks for making disaster preparedness actually fun to read about! Peace out!!! Zombie Apocalypse is coming to Arbutus on Oct 30, We are having carnival games, food, music, raffles and a zombie walk through town. Stock up with big jars of cheap wine. I lived thru Northridge earthquake and afterwards, without power, without gas, without water, for almost a week.

Suddenly there is literally nothing to do. So, just post yourself on a coach, listen to battery operated radio, if you have one, or read a book hey, remember? Just when I thought nothing would surprise me…. We only wish that in Argentina we had something like that…. Thank you so much for such an informative post you have here. You have certainly put so much efort in making your blogs.

Keep it up! Chains, you have got to have chains to grip the pavement. After you run over a few hundred the tires start to get slippery with zombie slop. A good set of chains will solve this problem. For all of you that think this page is nonsense, you are obviously missing the point. But who knows… Anything is possible…even perhaps zombies :-p. CDC knows that this will be cool and attractive to many young people. It is a clever and cunning way to sell messages. A typical sales trick!

I never really thought of this topic till now. Better lock up! I know I would. Cause you believe there is no such thing and believe we are alone in this Universe? I plan on locking all the doors boarding up the windows, then barricading my garage, easy escape in a car : , Id probably end up at a outdoor sports store like many of us looking for a decent weapon and a group of people to work and travel with. Zombie are coming back for Halloween in few days now. Watch behind your doors.

Thanks for the apocalypse zombie subject. If a zombie apocolypse were to occur just remember to sever the brainstem of the zombie by any means necessary, or just smack the crap out of its head. To add to the kit maybe steel toed boots in case you are out of weapons and there are none in sight.

Or just run away because zombies are very slow. Also reading the comments made me realize how stupid society is. And whoever said zombies are fake better check their research. We have the capabilities of reanimating the dead and the CDC is the ones with the crap to do so…. The people were dead and they were reanimated and walking around. They were not the stereotypical zombie that we see in the movies but they were documented as zombies.

Love or hate this post and think i am a nut job if you want… or look it up and find out for yourself. A face mask is always good to keep the virus from spreading through the blood and landing in your mouth in case of close combat situations,. In a parallel universe this blog would be extremely hempful. Where there is the posibility of a Zombie outbreak it is unlikely that it will happen in the manner we think it will. Preparedness is a great aspect and in many ways this article brought to light a fun way to get people to prepare for any sort of disaster. I am glad it was written the way it was and I am disgusted with people complaining over tax payers money.

I mean seriously, I pay taxes, I support learning even if it is through unorthdox means. We were watching deadliest warrior, and saw the vampires VS zombies and looked up a guide in case of a zombie apocolypse. Very helpful. If you guys could make one for vampires that would be good, start working on it. I understand the Zombie metaphor for emergency preparedness, I think a lot of people posting here do not. Emergency preparedness is not really a joking matter. What can I say? I got curious. I would take zombies over influenza any day. Zombies Influenza Where Edward became a Vampire Contagion quarenteen for a more modern approach.

I no longer use the van now so I welded on some steel screens over the the windows and added a high power multi frequency radio and television receiver and radio transmitter luckily I have some home made katanas if things go bad. Also in the van there is a water purification system, a homemade extra large fuel emergency fuel tank. I n the van I used to have big subwoofers, requiring big amps requiring a big power supply, I ripped the subs and other sound gear out, leaving the power supply, 4 high output alternators and 10 deep cycle batteries. Well, call it over kill, but this was more of a fun back yard project than a zombie apocalypse, although if there ever is this kind of crisis, I will be well prepared, but for now imm putting the subwoofers back in.

What must I do if in zombie I trust, but my parents not. If it does happenlogicly it would be more like 28u days later, not dead ppl coming back noway. An the disease work likely be a form of rabies tht has mutated an took on the appearance of H5N1 avian flu with the way it rapidly spreads in humans.

Thnx for reading. Survival kits will keep u alive if u think practical wen packing. Always remember noise and light disapline. Use battle buddies buddy system be tactical about everything u do. If u ever use tht Ull understand. U can stop speaking now. This is just a way to make emergency preparation interesting! And I like it! But in the event a real zombie invasion would occur, I highly doubt it has time for government bureaucracy! Most likely during a zombie invasion martial law will be dictated so it would be best to have an abundance of supplies and protection in your home, and I would advise not leaving it until the local authorities escort you to safety!

I love this! Just too funny! With Halloween coming soon its time to get ready! But all joking aside I think the comment by voice and reason: I understand the Zombie metaphor for emergency preparedness, I think a lot of people posting here do not. Some people need to lighten up! Take a deep breath and relax….. I think this is a great posting. Fun and still informative about what to do in general emergencies. A great way to connect with the younger crowd. This is actually good stuff. This is great! Hats off to the CDC for having a sense of humor.

I truly enjoyed this — thank you! I love how prople cant see this for what it is: straightforward preparedness info. By the way, I disagree with the fact that defensive or offensive… weapons are completely ignored. Maybe the CDC thinks its out of the scope of a minimalist preparednedd article, but I disagree. I think a full body condom is appropriate for bashing zombie skullz with aluminum and cricket bats, thus protecting you from evil zombie bodily fluids.

Evil laugh. This is great. Finally, a creative way to get us at least me to read about preparing for a disaster. The real zombies are the poor souls who complain that this is a waster of tax money and miss the whole point of the article. I love that the threat of zombies will probably enlighten more people to prepare for dangerous circumstances than the threat of a hurricane or flood. Oh cdc, brilliant. Seems like there have been a lot of zombie articles from the CDC and News stations lately lol..

Great stuff! Can these products be used in response to rabid teabaggers? I see then wandering through the streets droning on about the end of the world all the time. Food, water, utility knife, radio, flashlight fire starting equipment ect. Still pretty humorous however. All the better if this gets people to prepare for more realistic disasters such has hurricanes and tornadoes. When preparing this, I remembered to plan for my dog. Dont forget your Iodine pills and masks.

Knowing a bit of history about your area is always good, who knows when that abandoned mine will become handy shelter in a bind. The zombies will come!!! Be prepared, have a vehicle with plenty of fuel first off. Keep it near your safety zone which you should go to FIRST thing you learn of the zombies reaching your area. Have a group of at least 5 people that you trust with your life prefreferably and stay in the safe zone within the area of your safe zone with minimum contact with the outside, only have 1 access point for maximum safety make it hard to get to without help from your group.

Those are the basics of what you need to do when the infection hits. If you think im crazy… Good, that just means I will survive longer, and who knows. Hahaha…this is so cool. I never expected a gov related blog, i. Any way when you run out of bullets, is to get a scary zombie costume and pretend to be one of them. And if you do that, you have to remember to cover yourself with decaying zombie juice so that they smell your human blood…..

For those who comment negatively about this post, not to worry… you guys are exempt. Zombies only go after brains. I am sure that I work with zombies regularly…. They are certainly the walking dead as they enter in the morning, and do not perk up until around pm as they exit…. I would strongly suggest to not cover yourself with zombie juice as this will be teaming with the virus and therefore you might as well off yourself because — well you know what will happen!!! What an excellent way to get people to prepare for real-life emergency scenarios! Whoever thought up this post should get a bonus.

Each year, I give a little speech to the local boy scout troop on emergency preparedness and living in Florida, it is a reality more often than not. This web-site helped get the speech off to a rollicking start and turned it into an interactive learning opportunity. These adolescent males are more likely to put something together in their homes if they can tell their friends and families they are preparing for a Zombie attack.

CDC rocks! I have been observing that some people on my steet seem peeked and are lumbering about. Is this the beggining of the end? Thank gawd we support such important research with our tax dollars. Good lord, are your reading comprehension skills that low? They must be. Grow up. Great job CDC! Very few people would normally read about disaster preparedness from a government website. Those who would are likely prepared anyway.

You just got the message through to a much larger cross-section of the population. Very smart. Is the general public that stale stating about tax payers dollars wasted for this? I thought this to be a very creative way to use our tax dollars to alert people on how to prepare for a disaster or emergency. Also how the CDC works to combat these situations. Sure they may be using one of the biggest hypes in media right now, but regardless it gets the message out.

The person who wrote it was already getting paid for what they do and they did a fine job if their aim was to get a message across about real situations using a popular false for now one. So this kinda gets me thinking. Maybre the gov. Dude if u get bitten by one of them ur done…. This is a great way to get youths interested and involved in preparing for an emergency. At least they can identify an emergengy with zombie-apocalypse and act accordingly.

At least they can identify an emergengy with zombie-apocalypse and act and react accordingly if and when the time comes. I love how they left out some kind of weapon for self defense or protection against the Zombie hord. Now i dont have to sacrafice one of my friends so i can escape. Just saying. I do not believe that any of you guys actually think zombies exist. Emergency preparedness is not really true, better get ready for the end of the world because we are not taking care of it. The people who are complaining that this is a waste of government money need to go back and reread the article.

At least no more of a waste than normal government spending. If you read the article carefully you will notice that it is cleverly disguised message general disaster preparedness. See references to hurricanes, fires, tornados etc. I think that this a great way for the CDC to reach out to wider variety of people on how to prepare themselves for a real emergency. An I also think that some of the people that have left comments about the waste of their on working on this information are just making themselves sound stupid.

It is quite obvious from the way that different types of disasters are stressed in the article that the CDC is, in fact, just using this spin to get people prepared for common emergencies. Maybe you people who thought more about the whole zombie aspect should take more time to actually read and understand the information.

While I agree with the people who are concerned about government waste, I disagree with the target. This post cost no more than — a very liberal estimate — thousands of dollars. If you are concerned with cutting government waste look no further than your elected Congressman. People take everything so literally! You nay sayers are going on the version of zombies that are portrayed in the movies when everyone knows that movies are an overblown version of actual events or details or things that either can or have happened. God, I hope this is just a parody and not really real. For real, CDC?

Some of your writters watch too much Resident Evil. I look forward to new updates and will talk about this site with my Facebook group. Chat soon! Great way to get some attention to the CDC, what you do, and how you help people in times of crisis. Seriously, you PR person deserves a raise off of this one. Great to see the CDC finally taking this issue more seriously. If you want to really outlive the zombies, however, you are going to need backpacking equipment, and it better be if you expect to outrun the zombies.

The last thing you want to do is to leave your town. Everyone else will try to leave town, so that will cause traffic jams, and will leave you all like sitting ducks. Basically waiting to get eaten. I Belive it def can happen, What about Dec. But i dnt belive the CDC will be there for us all the way though…its one man for himself right? I am very happy we have Preparedness Zombie Apocalypse, and as another person wrote I believe we need :. I think my manager is a zombie. He smells bad and has a blank look in his eyes like nobody is home. What should I do? Love it…. I think some of you are missing the point here.

Great information you got here. I had a great time reading this. I saw epsode 6 of the show the walking dead 3 weeks ago and ive been having nightmares ever since this just made it worse. I know this is way late but,I wanna read the zombie comic and all I get is a pdf file in scripts when i just wanna read it! I feel that the zombie appocolypse will happen not by a dieses that kill you then brings you brings you back to life but in fact attacts the nervous system killing brain cells and erasing every sense of being civil. Should Ali Khan do the next one on foreign vampires, and how to survive being attacked likened to an Ebola virus outbreak in a third world country with risk of it spreading here?

Just to let all of you non-believers out there know. This will happen! That is exactly why the US Government has posted this website! If you do not believe you will perish! So get ready while you can and at least be prepared for the worst. But curiosity got the best of me and I had to see what CDC has to say of this dreadful matter. All wrapped in an entertaining package! Is it really going to happen? Is it even possible? Some say No, but as the above article mentions i rekon its coming so to have your survival kit ready makes sense. It is especially poiniant here in Thailand at the moment where the flooding just seems to get worse and worse and the rain never seems to stop.

We have all ready ran out of most essentials like bread and water is now getting pretty expensive. For all of you complaining about how much this cost YOU, get your panties out of your crack.

Preparedness Zombie Apocalypse | | Blogs | CDC

Bravo CDC! They sleep during the day. They awaken at night. They are among us, and yet not quite fully human. No, wait,.. By alternating between scenes which are very silly and scenes that are just a little bit creepy, young children can begin to learn the joys of incorporating monsters into their imaginary worlds. I will be mentioning this to the family soon. There are already rage viruses in 3rd world countries cause innocent citizens to become infected and filled with hunger and rage going ravenous on the village.

I thought this was hilarious and creative what a better way to get some very needed info out to people who would otherwise never read it. Its sad to think that people believe in Zombies and would be concerned about an imaginary threat as opposed to a real one like a Hurricaine or a terror attack. Here are a few more scenarios you might consider: — rampaging genetically re-created T-Rex a la Jurassic Park — Extraterrestrial invasion — planetary collision — worldwide financial collapse caused by incompetent greedy investment banks forget it; too unlikely — nuclear war caused by blithering idiot in White House using wrong phone to order pizza — Tea Party presidential candidate winning election — Eton College alumnus becoming British Prime Minister Oh no, already happened, aaaaiiiiiieeeeee!!!!!!

I thought the comic was entertaining and educational. I have printed the preparedness guide for future reference. I feel that the CDC is always looking out for all of us and our families. Thank you for this helpful preparedness advice. I would like to suggest that it also pays to educate yourself about the best tactics to take ahead of time, so that in an emergency, when you have little time to think, you will make smart choices. We just watched Zombieland last week.

Somebody was thinking when this approach was chosen! I was in Ghana, and I was trying to go to get a visa to go to Togo next door. That we went into the Togolese Embassy, and some of the people working there were watching a cooking show on TV about jollof, and they were Togolese. So, they have their own version of what it's supposed to look like, and the thing that was on the TV was Senegalese Jollof, which is like completely different.

It has fish. It's a totally different thing. They were so shocked by what they were seeing and having this very heated conversation. I went in, and I was said, "You're watching the show about Jollof," and they're like "Yes, can you believe what you're seeing on this thing, it's crazy," and then I said something about how I prefer Nigerian Jollof, which then I thought they were going to reject my visa application because of that, but we ended up having a friendship in the end because of that. That was really great.

Whenever I come to the states it's all like Mexican breakfast, lunch, dinner. It's something that you cannot get in Ukraine. I've been trying Mexican restaurants here too many times and they're all dreadful. It's like it's food from the grocery store, it's bad, and it's too expensive. I remember a time when a friend of mine, Serge, actually came to visit a couple of times, the guy that we co-founded the studio with. We ordered a couple of things. Suddenly, we had a table full of food.

It was very delicious. It was awesome, and it was so cheap. I still recall that lunch. We could barely stand up. It was all great. We could not stop, but also we could not continue. It was great. Whenever I come back to the States I love going to States for conferences and other stuff for a week or two, and yeah, it's Mexican. I remember I flew into New York in April last year for a training. My plane landed. They were like, "What do you want to eat? Also having a diversity in food.

Whatever food you want to try, be it Afghan or Indian, or Thai, it's usually made by immigrants, who actually know how to do it, who are great at it. I think they put a lot of passion into what they do. It's a very different experience. So, there wasn't too much that surprised me, but there is a special Oh, gosh, and now I'm forgetting what it's called.

It's a special drink that's made out of smoked fruit. So it's like smoked apricots, and other dried fruits that are then soaked. The essence of them is derived into the water that they're soaked in and you drink that. It's got a very, we would say in Russian [foreign language ] taste. It's very specific or strange. I really didn't like this. But when my husband came to visit me, I was like, "You got to try this, this drink. What do you think of this drink? So yeah, specific is the way to describe that particular beverage. Other than that, no, nothing too crazy. I had been exposed to jellied meats and all manner of pickled meats and vegetables before I lived in Ukraine.

So I was like, I had no cooking skills, but now I had to cook for 40 people. So I called my mom up and I was like, "What can I do? I had spent so much time, and I had a lot of help. I do remember, and finally coming out, I'm like "This isn't half bad. That's the first time that I've ever considered something like that because of the bacon and pork inside it.

That's when I started thinking about other cultures more and getting a larger That was within the US. So, something simple like that really opened my eyes. But I think my first moment of what they call a culture shock on exchange was my very first day. I was exhausted after around 48 hours of cumulative travel. I was getting my first doses of Indian mosquito bites, and the heat and the humidity. I show up. I just come home from the airport with my host family, and it was lunchtime there.

Back at home it was around AM. So I certainly was not hungry. But of course, my host family had taken me home. They were excited to show me the food, which is a huge part of Indian culture in my experience. So, we sat down to lunch. I just remember tasting my first bite and it being so incredibly spicy.

It definitely was not used to the palette. Came to love it later on, but I remember sitting there, and in an Indian culture, where here in the US, we have a lot of direct communication, in India, it's very much indirect. So, the communication style was very, very different on my first day. Certainly, hadn't gotten used to it. In India, it's customary, when you don't want more food to say [Foreign language ], which means the Hindi for enough.

You have to be very, very firm with it. There's like a very specific way to do it. I, of course, was not so familiar with it, so I just was not able to express. All the food kept on coming, and I remember sitting there just trying new food after new food, and realizing wow, this is crazy, but also simultaneously, the greatest adventure I've ever taken on. An initiative within the U. My name's Christopher Wurst.

I'm the director of the Collaboratory. Code, the statute that created ECA. Our stories come from participants of U. We thank them for their stories and for their willingness to share and to try new things. For more about ECA exchanges, you can check out eca. For more about You can find the complete episode transcripts of every episode at our webpage, eca. Special thanks this week to everyone for trying new food and for sharing their stories about it. Featured music during this segment was Kentucky Oysters by George Russell.

The end credit music, as always, Two Pianos by Tagirljus. Until next time. As an orphan raised by her grandfather in rural South Africa, but pushed by her brilliant older brother, Lindiwe Matlali beat the odds and went to the best university in Africa. Now, as the leader of Teen Geeks, she is teaching the next generation to become tech-literate coders, simply by using knitting needles.

Her father, Sri, is a special invited guest and he talks about how her journey ended up being life-changing for him as well. It's one thing to hear stories from a year-old girl about her time in the Middle East living far away from home, immersing herself in Arabic lessons. That's sounds like a pretty typical Actually, my partner, I think had a marriage proposal in exchange for camels, but I didn't really experience any harassment of that sort, so I was lucky in that sense.

Join us on our journey from Huntsville, Alabama to Amman, Jordan, which is a long way for a father to send his year-old daughter. They are people very much like ourselves and I'm a current freshman student at Washington University in St. I studied abroad in Jordan three years ago and my dad and little sister took that opportunity for a one week trip to see a slice of the country I would be living in for six weeks.

I am a software engineer, but more importantly, I am the proud father of Meeno Bhooshanan. It was my first time traveling alone. At first, the first few weeks when school hadn't really kicked off yet, I remember being very, very homesick. I missed my family a lot and they also wanted to talk to me a lot because my mom was really worried about me being gone for six weeks without her.

Little things like that, I found that to combat homesickness, I needed to speak to my parents less and I also needed to throw myself in my studies and as my bonds strengthened with my NSLI-Y peers and then later on with my host family. At the end of the program, I definitely felt I didn't want to leave Jordan, so it was an interesting transformation over the six weeks.

I was sorely disappointed, so when you came to us about filling your NSLI-Y application, your mom and I were cautiously supportive. We were a bit nervous about it, but didn't want to stand in the way of your accomplishment. Your mom and I had some discussions and the gist of it was that if we'd said no, we might regret it for the rest of our lives, and we figured since it was under the egest of the state department, you'd be okay. Quick geography lesson, Jordan is surrounded by Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Egypt, countries that have seen their share of tumult, but we felt that this experience would ground you, not only as an American but as a citizen of the world.

The toughest part was not hearing from you for days on end. I remember mom once called you while you were in the middle of a presentation, and I guess the best part was when you did call. Although your calls were brief, they were a lifesaver for us. When you returned, and we asked you why you didn't call us, you said that in the beginning, you missed us so much that you didn't want us to hear you in that state.

I wasn't really sure if my gifts would work out, if there were kids. I was trying to buy generic things, so I had a little sister and two little brothers and a host mom. We were all living together and my host dad was in Dubai. On the first night, I remember that they had given us some berry juice and I spilled it on the carpet and I thought to myself, "Oh, my gosh.

This is the first night. You completely messed this up. I'd be studying and they'd come and we take play breaks, but an image in my mind is every day when we'd be dropped off by the bus from school, I would see them in the apartment window watching us get down and waiting for us to come play after a long day at school. That was definitely a fond memory of mine. I felt that people just hadn't met an Indian-American before. I think it was interesting maybe being their first face and I kind of was that for my host family.

That was their first time hosting. It was interesting also talking to them about it, because years after I went, they continued hosting NSLI-Y kids and I think all of them have They've all come from diverse American backgrounds, Indian-American, Pakistani, and Mexican-Americans are different background. It was interesting being people's first impression. It was being an ambassador for the U. It was like an international level of diplomacy and also a national level of diplomacy. As I reflect on that time, I can only say positive things about it. We had traveled together often as a family to various parts of the world, but this would be the first time you'd be traveling alone.

You were only 15, so there was a definite trepidation about your safety in a foreign land, but on the flip side after you returned, you had gained confidence, a holistic world view which helped your journey into college and life in general. There wasn't any English there and so I really did actually appreciate that, because I learned a lot of words from my host sister and she's very assertive.

It was good to learn some new Arabic words from her. After you returned, one of your favorite words was khalas, which means enough or stop in Arabic. Every time we'd nag you to clean the room or come to dinner, your response was, "Khalas Ama," or, "Khalas Daddy. There was this falafel shop right across the street from class that we started going to after Ramadan.

I would go there pretty much every day and I had my order down path and I wanted to tell them how much I loved their falafel sandwiches. On the last day, I told them that, "You have the best falafels in all of Amman. It was interesting being Indian-American in Jordan in terms of most people looked at me and they didn't see an American. A lot of the times, it was actually a great conversation starter so people would ask me if I'm Indian or [foreign language ], "Are you from India?

A lot of people didn't know about Alabama. I remember speaking to one shopkeeper and I think he thought I was from California, because he was saying, "Oh, that's where the big movies are. Not so much in Alabama, but I explained it as we're near Florida and most people had heard of Disney World. That was what I used as a frame of reference.

Where I'm from, I'm near Huntsville, Alabama. I feel like in my familial interactions before NSLI-Y, it was kind of my parents doing the talking and I watch my dad make connections with people abroad and I always thought that was a very useful skill to have those people skills and connect with people, but I found myself putting myself out there and trying to just talk with everybody.

I feel like those interactions, I was definitely I felt like I wish my parents were there to see it. You've kept in touch with your host family. You've been very active in high school and the Huntsville community. I've always said that life is about making relationships and maintaining the good ones and learning from the bad ones. These things are incalculable, but they count. You are also more in tune with foreign affairs and current events and you have continued to sharpen your Arabic skills in college. A few people have asked me, "Why you chose Arabic? It's one of the toughest to read, speak, or write.

If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart. You make us proud each and every day as you navigate through life and I think your NSLI-Y experience was a catalyst for your growth into young adulthood. I felt more faith in my ability to form connections with human people through various things.

Even though at times it was kind of tough being the sole representative of Indian-Americans, I was still able to form meaningful connections and I tried to, I guess, dig something special or leave people with impressions. I think that was definitely the most profound.

As a teenager finding the power of my voice, I definitely felt that that was a big thing that happened to me over that summer. As a student, that was really the first time That was the most rigor I had focused on one subject. I feel like it's a lot of sentences at once and the classroom instruction in tandem with the everyday events was a lot for a high school student. Coming back, that really did change my work ethic and it made me really excited for college, especially seeing my NSLI-Y peers going on to college that year.

See a Problem?

We didn't have the same anxiety when you went off to college at Washington University in St. Your flexibility and adaptability to new situations and generally making smart decisions, these skills had been honed during your time in Jordan and I know you roll your eyes when I say this, but I'm at an age where I reflect back on my sour days and someday you will look back at the NSLI-Y experience as one of the most formative ones.

I'm certain of it. I remember going to Wadi Rum because it was The Martian was actually shot there, so it looks like this extraterrestrial landscape. What really struck me is the lack of light pollution. At night, were also staying with a Bedouin tribe, and so the way they cook their food is under the earth and so they have these meats and different vegetables grilling.

I remember one of the tribesman pulling it out of the ground and it was a really cool moment, but I'll never forget the multitude of stars. It felt kind of thick and like a blanket covering us. There was a lot of excitement. I felt kind of I guess free a little bit in the sense that there was nothing for miles and I stayed up late looking at the stars. That type of sense of no commitments, I guess. It was a very interesting feeling. Near the very end, the last few days because I was talking with my class about how I didn't want to go and I couldn't believe that there were just a few days left and then my roommate from the apartment stay, she said, "I remember how homesick you were.

It's crazy to see that you've changed that much. I guess I did. My name is Christopher Wurst. Code, the statue that created ECA and our stories come from participants of U. Government funded international exchange programs. You can do si wherever you find your podcasts and hey, we'd appreciate a nice review while you're there, and we'd love to hear from you. Did you know that you can find a photo of each week's interviewee and a complete episode transcript on our webpage each week at eca.

Special thanks to Meeno for her stories and her dad, Sri, for agreeing to offer his perspective on the exchange as well. I interviewed Meeno. Meeno interviewed her dad and I edited this segment. Meeting across a table to share a meal brings people together like nothing else. Cultures can be understood and transmitted through their food transitions. You know this, of course, because this is your life's work. And as we were approaching the village, our van broke down. They were fixing the tire and I'm not really useful in this place, so I am in this arena, so I decided I'd go walking around with my big DSLR camera like a total tourist.

And I start weaving in and out of pomegranate trees because that's their primary crop in Busselton. And I stumbled across this pomegranate farmer who was kneeled down and covering his harvest of pomegranates with a burlap sheet to protect it from the elements. I snapped this picture of this farmer and then when he heard my camera click he turned around, and it was this very intense moment because I didn't know what his reaction was going to be, and it was fascinating.

Before he asked me who I was, what my name is, what I was doing, before anything before he even said a word, before he even said hello, he clearly recognized that I was not a local from my camera, and my look of amazement. And he cracked open one of his pomegranates, and he extended it to me, and that's how he started the conversation.

Join us on a journey from Baltimore, Maryland to Aleppo, Syria, and learning that food is much more than simple calories. You read about them, they are people, they're much like ourselves and I did a Fulbright research grant in Aleppo, Syria, where I was studying food traditions in three contexts at homes, and restaurants, and in the streets. I come from a family of immigrants, my grandparents moved from Syria to Venezuela in the s. My parents grew up in Venezuela, but like the children of most immigrant families they, through some social engineering, met each other, we moved to the US when I was four.

Food, for me, has always been a window into my heritage. It was the way I connected, it was like a tangible way that I connected with my identity; but I never knew that food was anything I could study about. I always enjoyed it, in fact, my mom shares stories that even before I knew how to form sentences, I would wake up in my crib asking for [foreign language ], which is this Venezuelan rice and milk drink that's similar to what [foreign language ].

My mom said I love my stomach growing up. There was this open ended research grant, and I jokingly said, "Wouldn't it be interesting if somebody used this grant to study food? And that resonated with me because that made sense, the same way that food was a window into my own heritage, into my own culture; food is a window to other people's lives. My family cooked a lot of those traditional dishes growing up, but I never really felt like I was part of the culture.

When I was living in Syria, when I was doing my Fulbright there, people my age were shocked because I would use funny words that were Arabic words from my grandparents that nobody used anymore. One of them was the word for freezer, my grandmother calls it [foreign language ] which is literally icebox. The modern Syrians today just call it [foreign language ], which is the modern word for freezer, and they were just laughing. My taste in music was like the music my grandmother was listening to. My ultimate goal, and I shared this with my friend, is to go into a shop and have a very basic conversation, and have the shop owner think that I'm from Aleppo.

So we go into this juice shop, I ask, "[foreign language ]". And I just tried to keep it as simple as possible. I asked for freshly squeezed orange juice. And the shop owner looks at me and he says, "[foreign language ]? I could see the nudging and making facial expressions for me to break down the root. Arabic is a root base, it's a Semitic language, so it has a very specific root structure that gives you an indication of what the word means.

And I'm going back to my Arabic class in my head [foreign language ], and that root means flying, traveling. And I was like, "What is going on? Food was a natural way, particularly Syrians and Aleppians, who take such pride in their food, it was a natural way to connect with the culture. And so, for my Fulbright proposal, I proposed doing an anthropological study of the midday meal, lunch. And I chose lunch, in particular, because that's the most important meal in the day.

But one thing that I chose that I really wanted to do for my Fulbright, in particular, is I wanted to blog about it. I didn't want to write an academic research paper, and my thoughts on that one is, I don't have this academic background. I took one course and I've read many books on anthropology of food, but what I really wanted to accomplish is have a conversation around food; and a blog really allowed this social platform.

Whereas in an academic paper, you write something, you publish it, and the conversation's over. I really wanted to have a continuous conversation around food where Syrians and non-Syrians could come to the platform and share their perspectives; that it's not just me talking about these things. And so as soon as I got to Aleppo, everyone talked about their research project, but as soon as the locals saw that I was one, saw that I was studying food, their guard went down.

It was very different, they were so enthusiastic, people just wanted to invite me to their homes, they wanted to share their most interesting dishes. What was funny is that I had an innocuous conversation that starts about food, really went in all sorts of directions. People talked about their love lives, their politics, their traditions, their religion; so much is connected around food. I never felt more foreign when I was invited over for lunch, and that's the main meal of the day in Syria and across the Middle East.

My host is preparing kebabs and a whole bunch of other [foreign language ], these are the small dishes that accompany a meal. And I knew the host would insist on me eating more so I, strategically, before I was even full, after I finished my first plate I sort of said, "Oh, thank you so much, the food is delicious. And so we went back and forth and then I finally agreed to have some more food, and I was pretty proud of myself, I thought I navigated that cultural moment appropriately.

And then when I finished that plate, she insisted on me having more and I was like, "Oh, no this backfired on me. And I was like, "Oh my gosh, what did I do? And she explained to me that counting your food gives the indication that you worry that their food is limited, and that it might run out. And so hospitality is such an important part of the culture, that they really want to give you a sense that the food is limitless, that there's an abundance of food that you can eat, and the food will never run out. And so that was a very important cultural learning experience for me.

It's not something you'd read in a book, but it's these little cultural tidbits, nuggets that you carry with you and you sort of appreciate the culture on a different level. I wrote about this, I call this the Syrian hospitality waltz. There's little tidbits that, like I said, nothing you'd necessarily find in a book, Syrians have this way of their hellos drag on for a really long time, their goodbyes drag on for a really long time. And when I got there, originally, I was one confused; it was very difficult for me to navigate these customs.

But then, the other part of me started recognizing the value in participating in these 'Pleasantries'. What I saw as a pleasantry was some of the social glue that brought people together. In Arabic, they have this term called [foreign language ], meaning 'Duty'. If somebody's sick, it's not like, "Do you want to visit them and see how they're doing? When you frame it from that perspective, that's something that I learned is important, and something that I knew existed beforehand, but I really didn't appreciate the complexity of that hospitality, the complexity of that sort of commitment you make to your friends, and your community, and your loved ones.

I learned that that's very important, and something that we shouldn't sort of casually toss out in our culture. It was interesting, my host mom, when I got to Syria, was very confused about my project. She like, "Why is the US government paying you to come to study food? I would explain to her that it's about cultural exchange, and this was not making sense; I sensed in her body language that she was suspicious. A few weeks into my project, I received this amazing email from a Syrian woman who left Syria when she was 18 and she moved to the US to Michigan; and she had lived there her whole life.

She was in her, maybe, late 50s and she had not been to Syria in decades, and she wrote me a beautiful email about how reading my blog brought back these wonderful memories of her childhood. And she said that her siblings are still in Syria that, if I ever needed anything, that I could reach out to them for help. And I said, "Perfect, I'll take this email and I'll share it with my host mom about why this project is important, and how it connects people.

And then she goes, 'Wait a second, is this [foreign language ]? And I was like I didn't even remember the name of the person who sent me the email, so I scrolled down and I was like, "What? How do you this person? And from that point on, she was very enthusiastic about my project. So I think the biggest thing that I took with me, and something that I continue to apply, is that food is more than just calories. The Syrian perspective of food is very rich, it goes beyond just, "What's the quickest way to get food in my stomach?

What I learned was in these traditional dishes, this was an opportunity for, primarily, women to get together and have conversations, and for people to build communities; these matriarchs ran the household. And they got together with their friends, and nothing was individual, you cooked with your extended relatives, with your neighbors; the East Mediterranean is not unique in this.

Whether you're shaping dim sum, or baking bread, or rolling grape leaves, all this handwork is labor intensive but it speaks to the social aspect of food. And what I've come to realize is that And I read a study last week that in the US, every year their rates of depression and loneliness, people are so lonely. And when I look at, at least our approach to food here in the US is, "What is the quickest way I can get food on the table?

And I understand it's a time crunch, we are busier than we've ever been, and the value of a minute is, increasingly, expensive. And if I could spend a minute producing output that can make me more money, versus a minute that I would be spending in the kitchen, it makes sense that we sort of de-prioritized food in the US. This research project has allowed me to take a step back and realize, "Have we optimized the wrong thing?

Ever since we've been an agriculture society for thousands of years, it has only changed in the last 40 years. My neighbor, in Baltimore, she's 92 years old, and she is sharp as a tack. She talks about the war like it was yesterday, and I was like, "Miss [inaudible ], what war are you talking about? I meet her in front of her door and she's like, "Oh, hon, this is not the way Baltimore was before.

And I think this speaks to the way we've approached communities. One thing that I've tried to accomplish since coming back from my Fulbright is, I don't think we're going to go back to a time when we're all farmers and we're knowing everyone in our block. But one thing I've tried to do in my personal life is prioritize some communal cooking, and hanging out, and building community in my own life with my own friends, and sharing that with people.

And so, once a week, my friends and I get together and we pick these very labor intensive meals, and we just slow down, we cook together, and we talk, and we take care of each other; because that's what food is about, feeding each other. And it's beyond just calories that we're putting in our bodies, it's a social experience.

Yelawolf - Till It’s Gone (Official Music Video)

Even while I was there, I remember people wanted to treat me and take me out places and they would say, "Do you want pizza, do you want hamburgers? I was like, "No, you have such a rich culinary heritage. I want the [foreign language ], I want the [foreign language ], the stuffed vegetables. In there was also an uptick in year round tomatoes, and it was funny because the locals call these tomatoes, what we see as a convenience being able to buy tomatoes year round, they call them the winter tomatoes, plastic tomatoes; they had no flavor. And so you have from the one perspective the globalization aspect that is changing the culinary scene in Syria, but then the war brought on a lot of shortages; you couldn't get access to a lot of meat, everything became hyper local.

And in a way, that sort of brought people back to their roots in terms of how food is prepared. There wasn't a lot of abundance, and so when it was tomato season, you harvest these tomatoes and you preserve them. When you had leftover cucumbers, or turnips, or even lettuce, they pickled lettuce so that it would last longer.

And I had something I had never seen before, the variety of pickles, a variety of lactose fermentation. My host mom made her own vinegar, not because you couldn't find vinegar, but because it was just a natural way to use up old apples. I remember, I don't like apples that are mushy, so I bit into one and it was not very good, and I was getting ready to throw it away, she stopped me. She said, "No, no, cut off the piece that you bit off.

And I was like, "What is that? And vinegar was amazing. Obviously, I don't want to minimize the pain and hardship that war creates in a community, the sort of not having water for many days in a row, electricity being cut off; but I also think that this rich colony heritage brings with it resilience.

People are able to tap into these traditional methods of preservation to continue a culture. And if you look at the Syrian culture, in general, this is one of the And the region, in particular, in Mesopotamia, this is one of the longest continuously inhabited places in the world. And in order for that to be the case, there had to be a lot of resilience built into the community, and I think culinary heritage is very complex, and a very strong culinary heritage provides some of that.

So Aleppo is this incredibly historic city, dating back millennia, and in the center of the city is this fortress, this citadel called the Citadel of Aleppo; and that dates back to at least 3, BC. It's a really old castle, has a moat so it looks a fortress out of Mario or something, out of a video game. They use it as a museum today, and it actually has a lot of historic significance.

It's believed that Abraham once milked his herd of sheep on this very hill where the citadel was built and distributed that milk to the poor. The Aramaic word for milk is [foreign language ], which is where we get the Arabic name for Aleppo [foreign language ]. And so even the name Aleppo is steeped in culinary heritage; that's a little aside. But what I wanted to do is, I wanted to access the very top of this citadel, at night, so that I could take a long exposure shot of Aleppo.

The problem is because they use it as a museum, they close at 4 p. So I go in the evening one day with my photography backpack, with all my gear, and I go up the stairs over the moat. I felt I was in a video game, I reached these humongous doors with brass knockers and I'm knocking. Not joking, this old man opens the door, and he's asking me what I need and then I open with, "Hi, I'm an American student studying food in Syria.

So he's making the coffee and he's like, "Are you scared of anything? And so we had our coffee and he said, "Okay, you can go take your picture and then come back down. I put my hand in front of my face, and I couldn't see it, and I hear some birds flying in the overhead, I don't know if it was bats or owls. And so we had a good laugh about that, and he was kind enough where I was able to return with a friend of mine. And together, we both went up to the top of the citadel and took this beautiful photo of Aleppo at night. I was selected to be a Fulbright Alumni Ambassador, so this is a cohort of Fulbright alums, we were selected to go speak to members of Congress about our experience.

I asked someone whether it would be appropriate for me to bring some food, and they weren't sure, they were preferring I not do that; they weren't sure we're allowed to feed members of Congress, what the security implications would be. But I just figured what's the worst that could happen, they could say, "No. And I remember we went to a series of meetings, and I would talk about my experience, but then I would say, "You know what, I could speak for hours about the endless people I met, and the cultural connection we made over food.

There's a saying in Arabic, "[foreign language ]. And so at the end of one of the meetings, I offered to take out some [foreign language ], which is the Middle Eastern version of peanut butter and jelly. And what like I about this snack, not only is it incredibly delicious, that I went to six kilos of grape molasses when I was in Syria, but it sort of brings home the point that no matter how different two cultures can seem, there are threads that bring them together.

And I took this out and the former US ambassador to Senegal was in the room, and she sort of get so excited. She raised her hands, "Stop everyone. Her reaction to this food is sort of why I got into this to begin with, that's the reaction I would have throughout my Fulbright experience when people shared a meal. Not only were Syrians super excited to share their meals with me, but as I continued on with that tradition and I share their food with people in the US, that's what I'm most proud of and that's what I wish more people would have a opportunity to see friends, family, and everyone.

It has given me tremendous context, because this is a very complicated region that has a lot of nuance. And so, on the one hand, I feel very fortunate that I'm able to understand these cultural differences, and I'm able to share those experiences with my friends in the US.

In the early s the Church of the Latter Day Saints was founded on the prophecies given to Joseph Smith by an Angelic Being, named Moroni, and on Smith's subsequent discovery, under Moroni's direction, of buried golden tablets of great antiquity inscribed with much Ancient Wisdom which was to become "The Book of Mormon". The Mormon Teachings repeat the Biblical warnings of Great Judgments which were coming upon the Earth, with great desolations by famine, sword, and pestilence One of the best known of more recent Psychics and Clairvoyants, Edgar Cayce , gave between and thousands of trance 'Readings'.

Cayce became well known for his trance diagnoses of illnesses and 'miracle' cures, later to be documented and confirmed by medical science. He also gave many predictions of future events which were to be proved unusually accurate. For the end of the Twentieth Century he predicted earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and catastrophic changes to the Earth's surface: "The Earth will be broken up in many places. The early portion will see a change in the physical aspect of the West Coast of America.

There will be open waters appearing in the Northern portions of Greenland. There will be New Lands seen off the Caribbean Sea, and dry land will appear. South America shall be shaken from the uppermost portion to the end, and in the Antarctic off Tierra del Fuego Land, and a strait with rushing waters The greater portion of Japan must go into the sea. The upper portion of Europe will be changed as in the twinkling of an eye. Land will appear off the East coast of America And what is the coastline now of many a land will be the bed of the ocean Our confidence may from time to time be shaken by major earthquakes and typhoons, but these soon pass over, and we prefer to regard them as minor temporary upsets in an otherwise comfortable and predictable environment.

There is however much geological evidence of sudden and major structural changes having taken place on Planet Earth in the past; and it is not unreasonable to consider the possibility that what has happened in the past may well be repeated. Historical accounts written many centuries ago bear witness to previous planetary disruptions. Immanuel Velikovsky has made a major contribution to research in this area; his "Worlds in Collision" , written in , assembles numerous Biblical and ancient historical references to such events, drawing substantially on contemporary accounts from the Middle East and lower Mexico.

He quotes, for example, a long inscription in hieroglyphics on a shrine of black granite found at El-Arish on the border of Egypt and Palestine. It reads: "The Land was in great affliction. Evil fell on this Earth. There was a great upheaval in the Residence. Nobody could leave the Palace during nine days, and during these nine days of upheaval there was such a tempest that neither Men nor Gods could see the faces of those beside them". This inscription corresponds with the Bible, Exodus 10, "And there was a thick darkness in all the land of Egypt three days.

They saw not one another, neither rose any from his place for three days". East of Egypt, in Babylonia, the Eleventh Tablet of the 'Epic of Gilgamesh' refers to the same events: "From out of the horizon rose a dark cloud and it rushed against the Earth; the land was shriveled by the heat of flames. Desolation stretched to Heaven; all that was bright was turned into darkness.

Nor could a Brother distinguish his Brother. For six days the hurricane, deluge, and tempest continued sweeping the land, and all Humans back to their clay were returned". The Ancient Egyptian Historian Ipuwer witnessed and survived this earthquake, recounting that: "The towns are destroyed, Upper Egypt has become a waste.

All is ruin. The residence is overturned in a minute". Terrific hurricanes swept the Earth because of the change or reversal of the angular velocity of rotation and because of the sweeping gases, dust, and cinders of the Comet. He supports this contention of worldwide disruptions with similar quotations from historical records of Mexican tradition. The Mexican sacred book "Popol-Vuh" , the "Manuscript Cakchiquel" , and the "Manuscript Troano" all record how the mountains in every part of the Western Hemisphere simultaneously gushed lava.

The volcanoes that opened along the entire chain of the Cordilleras and in other mountain ranges and on flat land vomited fire, vapour, and torrents of lava. Velikovsky quotes "Manuscript Troano" and other documents of the Mayas which describe a cosmic catastrophe during which the ocean fell upon the continent and a terrible hurricane swept the Earth. These records provide graphic accounts of hurricanes which broke up and carried away all towns and forests. Exploding volcanoes, tides sweeping over mountains, and raging winds threatened to annihilate Humankind, and actually did annihilate many species of animals.

The face of the Earth changed, mountains collapsed, other mountains grew and rose over the onrushing cataract of water driven from oceanic spaces, numberless rivers lost their beds, and a wild tornado moved through the debris descending from the sky. The ancients referred to the physical agent that brought darkness and swept away houses and trees and even rocks and mounds of earth as "Hurakan" , from which our present word 'Hurricane' is derived.

Hurakan , it is recorded, destroyed the major part of the Human Race. In the darkness swept by wind, resinous stuff fell from the sky and participated with fire on water in the destruction of the World. For five days, save for the burning naphtha and burning volcanoes, the World was dark, since the Sun did not appear.

In a later book, "Earth in Upheaval" , Velikovsky supports Biblical and other historical references with currently visible geological evidence of past upheavals. He describes, for example, an area in Alaska to the North of Mount McKinley which has a frozen layer of "muck" composed of a jumble of trees and extinct animals, such as the mammoth, mastodon and super-bison.

This was analyzed by Professor F. Hibben of the University of New Mexico, who concluded: "There is ample evidence that at least portions of this material were deposited under catastrophic conditions. Mammal remains are for the most part dismembered and dis-articulated, even though some fragments yet retain, in their frozen state, portions of ligaments, skin, hair, and flesh. Twisted and torn trees are piled in splintered masses. At least four considerable layers of volcanic ash may be traced in these deposits, although they are extremely warped and distorted.

The animals could have been dismembered only by a stupendous wave that lifted and carried and smashed and tore and buried millions of bodies and millions of trees. Also, the area of the catastrophe was much greater than the action of a few volcanoes could have covered. During the late s Hugh Miller made a special study of the Old Red Sandstone in Scotland in which an abundant aquatic fauna is embedded. The animals embedded within it are seen in very 'disturbed' positions. Miller writes: "Some terrible catastrophe involved in sudden destruction the fish of an area at least a hundred miles from boundary to boundary, perhaps more.

The same platform in Orkney, as at Cromarty, is strewn thick with remains, which exhibit unequivocally the marks of violent death. The figures are contorted, contracted, curved; the tail in many instances is bent around to the head; the spines stick out; the fins are spread to the full, as in fish that die in convulsions. It still had buttercups in its mouth and the content of its stomach indicated that it had been eating temperate-zone plants, no longer growing in that area.

Lull, Director of the Peabody Museum at Yale, reports the discovery in his book "Organic Evolution" , confirming that: " The great massif of the Himalayas is estimated to have risen to its present height since the last Ice Age of over 11, years ago. Likewise the Andes in South America also show evidence of having been thrust upwards eleven thousand years ago. Many other researchers have identified evidence of major geological changes during our Planet's long history; indeed, there are many areas in which even a casual observer can see such evidence for him or herself, as for example when erosion shows cross-sections of hillsides miles from the present coastline displaying deposits of seashells.

An interesting example, quoted in "Doomsday A. The stone city of Tiahuanaco is so old that its broken pottery shows pictures of Pleistocene animals. Although Tiahuanaco is now at an altitude of 13, feet, too high for a population to live, its docks and quays indicate that it was once a seaport and that it rose with the Andes when they were created 11, years ago.

Immanuel Velikovsky summarizes these sudden geological changes: "Wherever we investigate the geological records of this Earth, we find signs of catastrophes and upheavals, old and recent. Igneous rock melted and flooded enormous areas of land with miles-thick sheets, and the ocean bed flowed with molten rock. Ashes were showered down and built layers many yards thick on the ground and on the bottom of the oceans in their vast expanse.

The shores of ancient lakes were tilted and are no longer horizontal and the seacoasts show subsidence or emergence, in some places, of over one thousand feet. Sedimentary rocks are one vast graveyard, and the granite and basalt, too, have embedded in them numberless living organisms.

The Atlanta daily herald. (Atlanta, Ga.) 1872-1876, August 30, 1873, Image 2

Shells have closed valves as they do in a living state, so unexpectedly came the entombment. Vast forests were burned and washed away and covered with the waters of the seas and with sand and turned to coal. Animals were swept to the far north and thrown into heaps and were soaked by bituminous outpourings. Broken bones and torn ligaments and the skins of animals, both of living species and of extinct species, were smashed together with splintered forests into huge piles.

The shifting of the axis could not have been brought about by internal causes, but only under the impact of external forces. The state of lavas with reversed magnetization, hundreds of times more intense than the inverted terrestrial magnetic field could impart, reveals the nature of the forces that were in action". There is plenty of evidence that the Planet's very geography has in fact been dramatically changed many times before, and likewise, there is no scientific evidence to support the contention that such changes will not happen yet again.

Human Earth civilizations have also come and gone. Most people today look at the story of Humanity and assume that it has lasted for only six thousand years or so, but there have in fact been many much older civilizations, such as Lemuria or Mu in the Pacific Ocean and the legendary Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean. It was seen by millions of American and Canadian viewers and prompted over 24, enquiries. A major feature was the prediction by Gordon-Michael Scallion of violent and significant geological changes coming to Earth by the end of the Millennium.

Although these events have not yet manifested, they still remain a potential possibility for the near future, and therefore their details are worth taking into consideration. Scallion had worked in the field of communications and education until , when he experienced a health crisis which left him with the 'gift of prophecy'. Some of his more notable prophecies were the Californian earthquakes on April 22 and June 28, Hurricane Andrew in Florida, and the Mississippi floods of Viewers of the March program were shown a Future Map of the United States: which Mr Scallion had visualized through his inner sight.

Published by his company Matrix Institute, the map showed major geological changes in the United States occurring in two distinct phases: A first super-mega California earthquake in the magnitude range causes a fracture along a line from Eureka to Bakersfield and southwest to the Gulf of California-Baja. Gaps and fissures occur running the length of the San Joaquin and Sacramento Valleys. Flooding inundates much of the coastal area of California, causing some of the existing land mass to become islands.

In a second major Californian earthquake the Central North American Plate is thrust violently upward on a tilt, causing much of California to go under the sea. Higher elevations remain as islands and become known as the Isles of California. A large part of the land mass west of a line running from Newport Oregon to Tucson Arizona breaks away and sinks within minutes.

Along the Eastern seaboard, coastlines from Maine to Florida are also pushed inland for many miles. Atlanta Georgia becomes a new seaport. Florida is reduced in size by more than half and all the Florida Keys disappear beneath the sea. In the center of the American continent, a wide belt of water floods the Mississippi basin, connecting up with the Great Lakes, which themselves rise and expand, cutting off the Eastern part of the United States from the West and effectively creating two separate landmasses.

Scallion envisaged the Earth's magnetic pole shifting twice to the west: seven degrees at first, and then a further six degrees as a result of magna displacement through a shifting of the Earth's core. As a contributory element he saw a large heavenly body entering our solar system, the "Blue Star", causing a realignment of Earth's position within the system. We should always bear in mind that although these events have not yet manifested themselves, they are all potentialities that can be seen from higher spiritual planes. Although they have in fact been delayed and greatly modified by the relatively good progress made by Humanity since that time, elements of them will nonetheless still manifest, although probably to a lesser degree, and at the appropriately set Divine time for our final Ascension.

This material demonstrated remarkable similarities with the map produced by Mr Scallion. This created a new coastline extending from the Rocky Mountains, near Denver, down to Phoenix, Arizona. Similarly the Mississippi River on this map expands into a wide inlet, running up to an enlarged Great Lakes area, with the East Coast partially flooded, and the bottom tip of Florida sinking under the ocean. Again much of the same outline was prophesied from yet another source: Hypnotic past-life regression is an established technique in which the patient under hypnosis is able to recall specific episodes from his or her past life or lives.

Having demonstrated this technique to her satisfaction during a series of group workshops, Dr Wambach wondered how it would work when applied to the future. She therefore began giving similar workshops offering participants a chance to look ahead at their possible future lives through hypnotic progression , projection not into the past, but into the future.

Dr Wambach was at that time being assisted in her research and experiments by Dr Chet Snow PhD , who also then himself became her subject for a series of future life projections in The fascinating record of these future projections under hypnosis is related in Dr Snow's book "Mass Dreams of the Future". Under hypnosis, Dr Snow described, aloud, visions of his future life at the end of the 20th Century.

Here he sees himself living on a remote ranch north of Phoenix Arizona, in a small community which had been set up both as a school for the development of psychic communication skills mental telepathy and as a survival base for the foreseen coming 'Earth Changes'. He recounts that their small community was then busy laying-in stocks of food and other supplies, which were now becoming both expensive and scarce through changing weather patterns.

In the world news, the weather was becoming increasingly unpredictable, with freak storms, record heat and cold periods, drought and exceptional rainfall around the globe. The world stock markets and financial systems were also collapsing. In a time period of a year later, Dr Snow was made aware that a major earthquake had just hit the Pacific Rim area. The coastline areas of southern California had sunk, submerging the once densely built-up coastal areas under the sea. Mount Fuji had erupted, causing much of Japan to sink and triggering a chain of earthquakes and eruptions all around the Pacific 'Ring of Fire', including the West Coast of America right up into Alaska.

By the end of two weeks, television and radio were now telling everyone that "the worst is over". As Dr Snow, still under hypnosis, recounted: "The water is receding slowly and we'll just have to adjust to the new situation. The Federal Government is already setting up temporary relocation centers farther inland and everyone is talking of rebuilding. A lot of cropland has been permanently lost however, not to mention so much of the Southern California coastline. In the south, the Gulf of Mexico surged inward over Texas; our part of Arizona was more or less cut off to both the east and west by water.

Then I realized that the sky was completely dark now. The weather had also worsened as tons of dust and volcanic ash were thrown into the atmosphere by this second series of eruptions. Although the worst occurred during the first few weeks of havoc, the Sun simply did not return. Most green vegetation in a wide belt of the temperate zone withered and died. Snow and Helen Wambach - Deep Forest Press, Crest Park, CA - ] One must bear in mind when considering such predictions, that all timings and sequences of future events can never be entirely accurate, as projection forward in time can only be made up of potential future.

In all evolutionary progress, a sequence of real-life "cause-and-effect" events must always first of all take place, constantly being subjected to the changing modifications of individual "free will". Although a fairly accurate view projected forward is possible from higher planes, Humanity's inherent gift of "free will" causes unexpected modifications in any future sequence of events. Also, any future direction these take is always subject to the total progress of Humanity's "Collective Consciousness" during that period. This explains why we our now being informed by "Higher Sources" that much of the severity of the previously predicted "Earth Changes" has since been greatly modified, thanks to the fairly rapid spiritual and evolutionary progress of Humanity in recent years.

And now, approaching predictions of future Earth Changes from a totally different source, there have been since World War II an enormous quantity of channeled communications from Higher Spiritual Realms on the coming Earth Changes. The beautiful woodland scenes will be flattened by the might of terrible storms.

Great earthquakes will rip the mantle of the Planet apart in a patchwork of destruction never before seen on the Planet in the entire History of the Race. Nothing will remain of the once-vaunted civilization that men have built for themselves. Cooke in "The Nature of Reality". Published Marcus Books, Bradford , Ontario, Canada] The Master Jesus-Sananda: "And there shall be a mighty earthquake and it shall split in twain the country of North America, and it shall be as nothing the World has known before, for it shall be that there shall be a great part of the Great Land of the North Continent go down, and a great sea shall form within her center part from Canada into the Gulf of Mexico.

And there shall be great changes within the borders of Asia. There shall be a change of climate. That which is now the barren North shall become semi-tropical. Trees shall bear semi-tropical fruit and the fauna shall be that of a new species. And that which is the impassable barrier of the South Pole shall be penetrated and Man shall discover a new continent within. He quotes Sanat Kumara , a highly evolved Master from Venus who assumed the role of 'Planetary Logos of Earth' over 18 million years ago: "And now we enter this great period of Initiation.

The skies of Earth will become fantastic. I say verily that pen has not recorded nor voice uttered that which shall become a great sign and display in the skies of the Earth, for the Elements themselves will have control for a short period of time. There will be great rainstorms and floods. You have heard how it rained forty days and nights. That is nothing compared to what it will rain. Perhaps it would be forty months. The entire face of the Earth shall change.

It will become unrecognizable. It is already upon us, for I have witnessed it on the plane which is just above that of physical expression upon the Earth, and that means that if it descends one more plane it shall find reality. The Pleiadians are a planetary Race which has been closely connected with Earth and the Human Race since our early arrival on this Planet; they themselves come from the same Human evolutionary roots in distant pre-Earth times on other Planets.

They have developed a prosperous and peaceful society within their own 7-Star System, and have always maintained a close watch over Earth's development down through the ages. In the book "The Pleiadian Workbook" , channeled by Amorah Quan Yin, the 'Pleiadian Emissaries of Light' , speaking through their spokesperson, Ra , give an important insight into the wider context of the coming Earth Changes: "You and your Planet are undergoing a unique and wondrous transition in your spiritual evolution at this time.

You are preparing for a quantum leap unlike any that has ever occurred before. In order to help you understand this more fully, I must first tell you about the orbit of the entire Galaxy around the Great Central Sun of All That Is. Just like your 'Solar Ring' our term for a 'Solar System' orbits around the Galactic Center, the Galaxy itself moves through space in the form of continual, connecting circles, like a great Cosmic Spiral.

When this diagonal move from one Ring of the Great Cosmic Spiral to the next takes place, all of the Planets, Solar Systems, and their inhabitants simultaneously take an 'Initiation' step into a new evolutionary cycle. This is occurring now. These changes, which have already begun, intensify both externally and internally as your Solar Ring moves deeper into the Photon Band , a high-frequency Cosmic emanation from the Galactic Center.

You have been in and out of the edges of this Photon Band for a few years now, and, not long after the start of the new Millenium, will be completely immersed in this Photonic Band for the next years. You who now live on Earth must choose whether or not you are ready to become spiritually responsible Human Beings in order to remain on Earth beyond that time.

Those who do not wish to remain on Earth will be taken to another Planet in a different part of the Galaxy where karmic lessons and Third-dimensional evolution will continue. At this time, you are moving into the Photon Band as you are leaving the Age of Pices and moving into the Age of Aquarius. They spin around and around through the Galactic Center into the darkness of the Galactic Night.

Galactic Centers [which is a central Galaxy vortex that appears as a "Black Hole"] are of 9th-Dimensional pure darkness, and yet, as they spin on their axes, the astounding power of their vortexes shoots out 9th-Dimensional Galactic Synchronization Beams. These beams, belts, axes, and horizontal planes with Black Hole vortexes in their centers are 8th-Dimension organizational systems of intelligence. In the Milky Way Galaxy, this 8th Dimensional brilliance is part of the Light that belongs to the Galactic Federation, holding the Galaxy in form by means of the "information-highway" of Photon Bands.

All Stars existing permanently within the several Photon Bands generate spirals that capture other Stars, and these special "Photon Stars", such as Alcyone, then function as Galactic Federation Libraries. Thus in your legends, Atlas holds Earth on His shoulders in space. Each Star in the system then travels through the Galactic Night for varying lengths of Earth time. Your Solar System spends the most time out in the Galactic Night - 11, years in the Dark and years in the Light.

What does this mean? Various members of the Solar System become very dense while in the Galactic Night , and this generates experiences called "Karma" - emotional feelings in your 4th-Dimensional Astral Bodies at the Spiritual Plane level that seek expression and then translate as actions down on the Third Dimension physical worlds. Bodies traveling in the 7th-D Photon Bands become less dense, more multidimensional.

As a result, their acquisition of the Photon Light cleanses their emotional bodies and intensifies vibrations in physical bodies. The desire for "Union", for "Twinning", for new expressions of both sides of a Duality, derive from this passion of seeking. This seeking is what causes the rods of 7th-D Photonic Light to curl back on themselves to the Galactic Center, forming them into "donuts".

The Galaxy would disintegrate into empty space without the nucleus of gravity in the Central vortex, from which pulses of Photonic Light then shoot out. That disk is divided into twelve zones, the Twelve Great Ages of the Zodiac. As the Planets move through these Zodiacal Zones, you can locate where a Planet is in relationship to the Sun in these Zones with astronomical Ephemerides. For now, it is enough for you to know that Earth first entered the Photon Belt during the Spring Equinox of and has been steadily moving into it further - one week more each side of that entry point each year.

The border of Photonic Light is currently inching across the disk of your Solar System. Earth was first in the Photon Belt from March 16 to 23 in , then for three weeks in The Photonic slice in the Solar Disk increases by two weeks each year, and precisely half of your Solar System will be immersed when the Photon Belt reaches your Sun by the Winter Solstice Eventually Earth's entire orbital path will probably be engulfed in this tidal wave of Light some time after the Winter Solstice of Eventually, your whole Solar System will be totally in the Photon Band.

During the next years, it will be travelling all the way through it. Many of us are searching for deeper meaning in our lives as we change jobs, end old relationships, begin new ones, relocate to new places and dream bold, creative new dreams. All around us we witness to the fact that ordinary people are now asking questions, demanding answers and requesting greater accountability from our governments, churches and large institutions that hold power over us. And what is the driving force behind these world wide events? This scenario for change that is occurring everywhere is being driven by the waves of Light that are continually bombarding our Solar System and the Earth plane.

And in the near future all who choose to fully participate in the new raising of consciousness will be transmuted into higher dimensional bodies of Light Within a 2, year period our Solar System passes through a band of extreme high energy. This band has been referred to as the Menasic Radiation or the Photon Belt. It is a period of intense "Light" that we have now entered and which will bring all life forms within it into a new and higher vibration.

This Photon Light-energy has the capacity to lift all of life into a higher frequency dimension. It carries the seeds for the potential enlightenment of all Beings as the atomic structures within the very cells of our bodies, are tuning themselves to match the rising frequencies. We are shifting from a Third-dimensional carbon based body that is, from one that matches the 3D vibratory rate and direction of atomic spin characterized by the electrons that make up carbon to a Fifth or higher dimensional crystalline body that is to one that matches the 5D atomic spin and frequency of crystal.

So too the bodies of animals, plant life and all upon and within Earth are making this transition with us, as is our entire Galaxy. Our Light Bodies are also being activated as these new energies recalibrate our dormant DNA strands that contain the blueprint of ourselves as Divine and fully Conscious Beings. Currently most of Humanity has only two functioning strands of DNA, intertwined into a double helix.

This portion of our DNA structure contains information pertaining to our biology - such as our individual features and the genetic information passed on through our family lines, e. These two strands also hold the genetic codes for our physical evolution. But there is another part of our DNA structure that has to do with the spiritual component of the Human Being, one that science has not presently considered. If one is persuaded that the Human Being consists of a Soul embedded within a biological body, then it should logically follow that the genetic links within each individual would also contain spiritual information.

And if this is so what has become of it? Many of these spiritual elements were deliberately turned off in our ancient history because there was a struggle to control this aspect of a Human Being. Very Dark-energy Extraterrestrial forces, who were also Genetic Engineers, desired to keep the development of Humankind firmly under their control. They achieved this through the use of genetic manipulation to produce fear and domination.

When these Dark Forces unravelled and reprogrammed our DNA, they were able to shut down and isolate many of its strands and Human DNA was reduced to only a double helix. The disconnection of our original DNA manipulation resulted in a 'Veil' being placed between our five physical senses and our spiritual awareness. However there was a promise given from the Higher Realms.

At some time in our future we would be allowed to develop again according to the Divine blueprint of the Original Plan. In the meantime Humanity had to undergo a long and painful period of spiritual development. Those guiding our spiritual heritage have sent Representatives to assist us to elevate our thoughts and desires, so as to grow spiritually and regain our lost abilities.