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It can be acquired through defeating demons, negotiating with demons, selling equipment and gems, and completing some quests. It stacks up to 50, coins at a time, which can be exchanged into Macca bills at some Yagiya vendors.

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The only zone in which macca is ineffective is Ikebukuro , which uses kreuz as currency. In Strange Journey , Macca is regarded to be an energy source. Its use includes fueling ships, powering the treatment of the party in the Sickbay, and to develop new weapons, equipment, and items. It is shown that it is possible to break down physical objects to yield it. Strange Journey doesn't make it clear whether or not Macca is physically a coin like it is in other Megaten games but nonetheless, it is still used as a currency among demons.

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In the English version of the game, it is translated as Billion Maka Coin. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Has the mark of Jupiter engraved on it. Lucifuge had Macca minted for use as the Expanse's official currency. Maybe there was more to it than what I had -- some knowledge of God and Jesus which was mostly superficial.

I wanted something deeper, more experiential. Christianity seemed defined by sermons, going to Sunday School, and doing good works. How boring! I was missing out on something! Also, I never fit in during my high school years. Being someone who wrote poetry, being in an alcoholic home, having no real roots all combined to make me feel different and unlike other people. I started my journey at the end of high school.

That journey continued through college where I experienced paranormal activity, made friends with someone who said she saw auras, and attended spiritualist meetings where ministers claiming psychic abilities received messages from the dead.

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One bright sunny Florida afternoon, as I rested on my bed fully awake with eyes partly closed, I felt myself floating. I opened my eyes and was stunned to see my body on the bed below me as I hovered near the ceiling. I thought I had died. The shock slammed me back into my body in an almost painful way. This was my first out-of-body experience and I had no idea what it was or that it even had a name. I told no one about it.

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The journey stretched into the 70's when I visited an astrologer and others with psychic abilities, and did a lot of reading on paranormal activity. I also read about Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. I remember reading a book on Vedanta a sect of Hinduism each morning in the cafeteria of the building where I worked. I started to see connections in my life with the colors of the chakras, the seven psychic centers of energy in the body according to Hindu beliefs. This and other experiences motivated me to plunge into the alluring worlds of paranormal activity and Eastern beliefs.

Over the years, my search for psychic abilities escalated. I studied astrology and took a 7-hour exam on astrology in Atlanta, Georgia, administered by the City but formulated and graded by an astrology board, in order to qualify for the business license. Passing the test, I started practicing astrology, and eventually I taught astrology, gave public talks, wrote for astrological and New Age journals, and sat on the board of astrology examiners that gave and graded the exams, becoming chairman of that board.

Yet, with all the knowledge and experience I had acquired, what were the answers? Since I came to believe there was only ignorance, not evil, stories of vicious cruelty and murder made me uncomfortable. Though I believed I would come back after my death, where would I go in between and for how long?

The world religions I was most comfortable with gave mixed messages. Some taught that we would go somewhere that was like a school, then choose our next life. Others taught that we go somewhere to be spiritually purified - how, it was not explained - then our next life would be chosen for us. By whom? That was not explained. We were supposed to just trust the process. There was also the disquieting teaching that whatever thought was in my mind at the moment of death would determine the after-death experience for some time. Better not have a bad thought for too long!

Better not fall asleep with fearful images! This was scary to contemplate -- but that contemplation was itself a negative thought! I would try to chase away these fears by meditating or chanting something. I sought peace in one of the most mystical of the world religions: Zen Buddhism.

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Trying to detach myself from all desire involved a meditation that allows thoughts, fears, or desires to come up and then not to respond to them. This was to be applied to life outside meditation as well. For someone like myself, carrying a lot of emotional pain from my past and my present, this was appealing. But though detachment sounded good in all the books, there was a price to pay.

The detachment seemed contrived and unnatural.

Seeing "the emptiness" behind my surroundings, another sign of spiritual acumen, struck me as nihilistic and depressing. Maybe if I had pursued these practices more devoutly, I might have gradually replaced my natural reactions and feelings with non-feeling. But is it human to be non-feeling, to accept every thought, action, and emotion without judgment?

Being taught to be natural and "holistic" on one hand, but then learning to let go of my natural reactions on the other, seemed a contradiction. Of course, rational analysis like this was discouraged, even attacked. Therefore, contradictions could and should be accepted. If it didn't make sense, so much the better. The idea was to transcend the rational mind which was a barrier between me and enlightenment. Although I failed in achieving detachment, I clung to the paradoxical teachings of Zen, reading books with Zen tales, and continuing the meditation.

I noticed that the peace I had felt with my initial meditations had decreased, causing me to meditate more in an attempt to re-capture that elusive peace. I also learned, in my search for psychic abilities, that the nature of occult and New Age thinking is that there is no one answer. There is no one single truth, and there is no one reality. Truth is based on your experience, so it changes and can differ from person to person.

If there are multi-levels of reality and there is no absolute truth, then there must be many contradicting truths and realities.

In the abstract, this was fascinating food for thought, and led to being comfortable with whatever truth I wanted. But on the practical level, what difference did truth make if one finally discovered it? Or how did we know if there really was such a thing? And if not, what did anything that anyone believed matter anyway? These teachings gave answers that only raised more questions. We are just drops in the ocean, I learned, and the goal is to eventually, after many lifetimes, rejoin the cosmic oneness that some call God.

This God-force was what we came from and was our final destiny. So that meant my identity, memories, talents, and personality would be swallowed whole into the cosmic One. Where would I be? The disturbing answer was that I would no longer be. Death became an absorbing but uneasy topic for me. The best way to help others and stay true to your path, I heard and read over and over, was to work on yourself and love yourself. Although talk of "love" was common and was taught to be the basis for everything, it also seemed as if everyone used it to justify whatever they were doing.

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So, if your husband was not your spiritual match, then "real love" allowed you to leave him or find another with whom you had a true bond. After all, this was a "law" of the universe: the law of love. But this love was not defined. It was just sort of out there - a love force that pervaded the universe.

There was no personal being to love me; there was this energy coming from the cosmic One and that was it. Could a force care? An unexplained compulsion to go to a church gripped me in the spring and summer of Since I hated Christianity, churches and Christians by now, this made me angry.