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I have some good news and some bad news:. To apply for the job, the victim is required to send a self-addressed stamped envelope for information and a small processing fee. In return, the victim is sent a template for the flyer they had originally seen; the envelopes they stuff are from other people who answer the flyer, and the payment is the processing fee. So far NONE of these have been worth much of anything , and half of them were legitimately flat out scams just out to steal your money.

If these opportunities were REAL, Corporate America as we know it would not exist , as everybody would simply work from home doing this stuff. If I were doing a blog on dating tips for men, I might do the following posts for example :. Once you have the 5 posts up, try to add at least one post per Week or so based on a long tailed keyword you find using the Google Keyword Planner. I have some great niche ideas here , for those that have no idea where to start.

I already covered this topic in another blog post as well, click here to read that post! This is not a single step — it's the attitude that you must have right from the beginning if you want to do well on Youtube and affiliate marketing in general. Successful businessmen, speakers, mentors, coaches spend several hours delivering life-changing seminars. This is not that they are not interested in selling — they definitely care about making sales, although they are never desperate. They invest a lot of time gaining the trust of their audience.

People like what they are saying and become pre-sold. They are very receptive to the sales pitch because the speaker had taken steps to establish value beforehand.

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With Youtube too, you cannot just blatantly tell people to buy your product. You first have to provide valuable content — your videos must be entertaining and informative. Also, they have to be unique.

You cannot keep repeating the things that other people are already saying — you have to better than them. Always look to provide value; this way, people will latch on to anything that you have to recommend. I am not going to go over the obvious bits in this article. I trust you to sign up for a Youtube account and think of a catchy username.

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However, I do feel the need to talk about other basics that can make or break the quality of your videos. Make sure that you record in good lighting and please invest in a good microphone. I see many videos shot against a super bright background or in shabby settings. They are off-putting from the very beginning. A public park or garden also works very well — as long as the surroundings are relatively peaceful.

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You can produce top notch quality videos using just your smartphone. One thing that you do need to work on though, is the editing. Get very good at editing or pay somebody to do it for you. It would be great if you took the trouble to learn to edit well. A successful Youtube affiliate marketer must attract the right kind of traffic and preferably, lots of it.

You have to collaborate with other Youtubers with a lot of subscribers. Remember that people with a lot of subscribers are picky about whom they choose to associate with. So you need to offer a compelling proposition. For example: Say that you have a cooking channel and they have a fitness channel. You can create a series titled Easy 5-minute Recipes for Fitness Freaks.

This way, you can get lots of subs within a matter of days. You get the idea. So optimize them and make them irresistible. Bonus points, create a custom Youtube thumbnail using Canva.

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Sure, you may already have a job and other commitments. Just record a lot of material on weekends and spend some time each day editing and uploading content. Many new people make the mistake of uploading just one or two videos to test the waters. The problem is that if people like your content and want to watch more, you have none of it available.

So upload at least 5 videos initially. If you fail to upload on a fairly consistent basis, your subs and views will drop and the competition will eat into your portion of the pie. Share your experiences with the product or service that you are promoting. I already covered this topic MUCH more thoroughly in another blog post as well, click here to read that post!

How to make money writing online is another topic I've covered extensively. But i'll try to sum it up below:. Being a content writer means that you write for people who are asking for a specific content. This also means that you are limited in your choice of topics. The upside is the pay is stable and immediate. One of the best way to start as being a content writer is to register to a website or service that brings together writers and people who are looking for content.

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For iWriter and Textbroker kind of sites, all you have to do is register and fill-out the personal details, including the mode of receiving payments. The process is fast and easy. Once all that is done, you can visit a page within the website that has a listing of available writing jobs. You can then choose which ones you would like to write. Once you accept a writing gig, you can then proceed to writing the article, submit it and wait for approval. Once its approved, payment will then be deposited to your account.

For freelance types of websites, like Freelancer and oDesk, you may have to "bid" your work and pay rate. If you are chosen, you will be then in contact with the requester and discuss essential details like the topics of the content, work schedule and how to receive payments.

There are a lot of options on how you can achieve this. For example, you can setup an. Kindle shop and start selling your ebooks. If you are more of an article writer than an ebook writer, then you can try websites like Yahoo Voices. You can even try online classifieds, like Craigslists, for selling your articles.

This can be very lucrative, especially if you focus on Amazon and your book hits on the best-seller lists. The downside of this option is that pay may not be as stable and immediate compared to being an online writer as you are selling your content rather than writing content that is already needed by someone. Doing affiliate marketing reviews can be very lucrative as it can lead to a good stream of passive income. The main idea of an affiliate writer is to make mostly reviews of different products.

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Visitors would read the reviews and may proceed to buy the product. For every product that is referred from you through affiliate codes , you get a commission.

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You can start by being an affiliate writer by registering to websites that bring together affiliates and online entrepreneurs, like Clickbank. Registration is typically free and you can get the necessary codes and essential resources from the site. The downside of this route is that it will take time to develop your website or blog. Also, getting readers may take time.

15 Best Ways to Make Money from Home (Legitimate)

However, when you do succeed, it's more lucrative that the last two examples above. Thanks to the information age, it is now possible to make money by writing online. If you are interested in the idea, then you can start by being a content writer, selling your writing or be an affiliate writer.

The best way to get started is by checking out the sites above, then just do it! Fiverr offers a user-friendly platform for creating and publishing gigs in an approachable format. However, before you start the overall gig creation process, it is wise to overlook the various categories to choose from, in order to asses which field will be the most profitable and suitable for you.

Fiverr offers over categories to choose from , so users are able to easily find a category that is relevant to their services. Whatever area you excel in, you are sure to find a category that corresponds to the service you choose to offer. While you're not going to get rich doing this, it's a great way to make beer money or a little extra spending cash for that weekend or night out you've been planning. The print-on-demand capabilities of Lightning have been a resounding success for both Zondervan Publishing House and Zondervan authors. We have successfully brought back into print academic and reference titles, and have been able to keep general trade titles in print that would have otherwise gone out of print Lightning Source is very competitive in price, and their distribution system is the most efficient available.

The combination of Lightning Source POD technology and one stop, direct distribution make it possible for us to keep titles in print that we couldn't normally justify warehousing. Our relationship with Lightning Source has consistently yielded significant revenues on sales we wouldn't have realized without Lightning's cost effective package of POD services. Our customers sent a clear message through the success of our early eBook efforts--they want to read more electronic books. Lightning's proven track record in the industry for the quick, easy delivery of a broad selection of electronic titles made them the clear choice to help us expand this side of our business, respond to the demands of consumers, and maintain our industry leadership.

Thanks to LSI's POD program we have been able to offer our customers an additional books in print over the past two years. We are able to submit POD orders via EDI for drop shipment in a manner that is seamless and invisible to our customers. Lightning has proven to be an important strategic partner, and their relationship with Ingram has been key in realizing actual sales of print-on-demand titles.

Looking forward, it's clear that Lightning will help shape the future of integrated digital distribution. Lightning is enormously helpful to us in fulfilling our role as a publisher of academic books. Now we can experiment with much smaller printings and stretch out the life cycle of these valuable books. We've also saved money by doing conservative, conventional print runs, knowing that the options Lightning provides exist for us. Fortunately, the 2nd revised edition was ready to go as a digital file at Lightning.

We work across the full publishing spectrum, from some of the largest names in the business to local indie authors. We offer the publishing solutions you have been looking for. Book Printing Services Print-on-demand solutions to deliver the books your customers want with speed and efficiency.

Be sure to update your bookmarks. Log in here. Get a Quote. Access to a global network of wholesalers and booksellers. Revive backlists and capture every sale with print on demand. Control inventory costs, eliminate warehousing, and ship direct. Stunning print and digital products enjoyed by big-time publishers. Over 39, retailers and libraries to distribute to globally.